The 2020 engagement ring guide



Its scary to think but 2020 is not far off, as we stumble into what we hope will be our version of the roaring 20’s we’re looking at what brides to be might be getting and what they actually want as we wave the difficult teens years of this century goodbye.

Mellow on yellow

In 2019 red (gold) is dead, white’s alright but yellow is where its at. In 2020 we think there’ll be a tilt towards white metals especially platinum. Platinum is normally the most expensive of the precious metals and with its heavy feel and hard wear its the best for every day wear, however in 2019 the price slumped the a 3 year low as gold remains high and palladium hits the roof. We predict this will filter into the bridal market in 2020 as people take advantge of metal prices

Radical shape diamonds

Round brilliant cut diamonds are still leading the way but geometric shapes and slices are IN for 2020

Futureproof by going bigger?

Bigger diamonds are rarer, their value goes up exponentially as the size gets bigger.


Theres more choice than ever now for sustainable metals

The full package

Any company can claim custome and hand made

Cool on lab grown diamonds

The engagement ring market is yet to be convinced by the claims of lab grown diamond and question marks remian over the carbon footprint of this so called ‘green alternative’. Controversy has arisen as these companies refuse to share data and customers seen reluctant to spend high sums when natural stones are available.