Create something unique and handmade with the finest quality, ethically sourced materials. Whether you’re looking to pop the questions with a unique, bespoke engagement ring or want to mark a special occasion with a meaningful piece of bespoke jewellery then we can help.


Engagement rings

Getting a bespoke enagagement ring made is an exciting and rewarding process. Choose your stone, built a design from an idea and be involved with the process from start to finish.

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From concept to reality, the first stage is getting your ideas down on paper and making them a visual reality.

Demantoid Garnets from Namibia

Demantoid Garnets from Namibia

Gemstone sourcing

We use the finest quality, ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds from around the world, including Diamonds from Canada, Sapphires and Spinels from Sri Lanka, Rubies from Malawi and Tourmalines and Garnets from Namibia. 

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We manufacture everything in the United Kingdom mixing traditional hand making techniques with modern CAD technology to create quality jewellery.