Pear cut diamond engagement ring with diamond set shoulders

Once you’ve decided that you’re definitely going for a pear cut diamond engagement ring, a good choice in our opinion, then the decision about whether or not to put diamonds on the side is next.

There are several different ways in which you can add diamonds on the side of your pear cut engagement ring.  You can choose which type of cut you would like , though 99% of the time this would be round brilliant cut diamonds, how you would like them to be set and then how many of them you would like.

pear ring render.jpg

Pear cut engagement rings with yellow gold or red gold shanks are less often adorned with diamonds on the side, though if you have the budget, fancy yellow or pink diamonds make for an impressive ring.  If you like the idea of coloured gemstones as side stones then pink or yellow sapphires are also an option.

White gold and platinum are the best choices for showing off diamonds and are the best choice if you're going for a pear cut engagement ring with diamond set shoulders.

A tapered shank is one that gets thinner as it approaches the centre stone, these types of shanks make for stylish engagement rings and you can choose to have these set with diamonds.  The diamonds will get gradually smaller as the shank tapers.

Pear cut diamond engagement ring side stones.jpg

Knife-edge shanks have two sides, a bit like the top of a sand dune and these can both be set with diamonds using a grain setting diamond technique.

Straight shanks are the most versatile shank type for setting styles, you can choose channel set, grain set or claw set diamonds with a straight shank in any metal.

Once you have chosen the setting style it’s time to decide how many diamonds you would like and how far around the finger they reach.  The most practical solution is to have diamonds halfway around the band, though it is possible to have diamonds set all the way around the ring.

Pear cut diamond engagement ring design.jpg