Aluminum engraving, Mycology colletion

Aluminum mushroom in the workshop.jpg
Hand enagraved aluminum mushroom.JPG
Hand engraving aluminum jewellery.JPG

Using a hand engraver to make gills in aluminum mushrooms, part of the mycology collection.

Gravers have been used for centuries my jewellers to engrave decorative paterns into jewellery and metal work, as well as names, dates and other written information. To create the many gills on our mushrooms we use a combination of static hand engraving tools, as you can see here, which use human power, as the sharp tip is used to carefully gouge out the gills, as well as motor powers burrs.

The burrs are used to create the longer gills, the ones that strecth the length of the mushrooms, while the hand engraver is used to make the more delicate, shorts gills.

Mycology cuff

Every gills on the the mycology cuff, has been created this way.

After engraving, the final finish is applied to the cufflinks, this invloves further sanding and cleaning before the delicate process of anodising aluminum begins.

Edward Fleming