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Pear diamond ring
Pear diamond ring designs

Pear diamond rings. Rings where the central stone is a pear cut diamond. There are many shapes or cut of diamond that you can choose for your engagement ring and its totally up to you to choose the best one for you.

No one shape of diamond is ‘better’ ,its really down to personal choice.

Pear shape diamonds, sometimes refered to as teardrop shape diamonds are cut to combine shape and sparkle, with the facets on the bottom of the stone, resembling those on a round brilliant cut, meaning they reflect light, thats the sparkle.

Some of the most well know diamonds in the world have been cut into pear shapes, like the Culinan 1, the largest diamond in the british crown jewels and the largest diamond ever cut, which is a pendeloque cut, a variation in the pear cut.

Pear diamond prices

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Pear diamond cut

Like any diamond shape, when we talk about the ‘cut’ of a pear shape, we mean the shape as well as how well the facets are aligned. The shape, most obviously be said to be the ratio between length and depth.