Insurance valuations

On site jewellery valuations 

The exact conditions of insurance policies differ depending on your insurance provider , some insurance companies require you to have jewellery, that is valued over a certain valued amount, evaluated by a professional every 3 years while others operate with less stringent conditions.  As jewellery often goes up in value, in line with, or potentially ahead of inflation it's  in the customers interests to keep an up to date valuation of jewellery.

You may also need a valuation for re-sale or probate.

All of our valuations include pictures and detailed descriptions of the items valued


On site jewellery valuations in Bishops Stortford


Our pricing structure works like this:

Document set up and 1 item valued - £80

subsequent items £20

For example to have 5 items valued, will cost £160 to have valued


To find out more about getting your jewellery valued please e-mail